with me

6-month mindset coaching program for aspiring thought leaders, changemakers and impact entrepreneurs

Find your purpose.
Dare to live it.

Your meaningful life (and business) starts here.

Here's what we will do together:


Gain clarity

On what you really want, deep down. What's your vision?
We will discover your unique talents and zone of genius, uncover your WHY story and turn it into a powerful message that inspires and impacts.

By the end of this first step, you'll have reconnected to your true purpose and have a clear vision of who you are and what you're meant to be, do and say to be of service in this world.
Imagine having a deep knowing that THIS is your mission.


Identify the blocks

What is preventing you from living your most meaningful life and starting your service-based business isn't all the excuses you've found so far. The only culprit is your own mind.
Our beliefs create our reality.
So we will look into the subconscious programming that prevents you from truly believing this life is possible for you and that you deserve everything you desire.

You'll know exactly which limiting beliefs have kept you stuck until then. It's not you, it's just your mind playing tricks! Liberating.


Upgrade the stories

So you've been living from a subconscious program that wasn't serving you. Now, what?

Time for some serious rewriting! We will upgrade the script. We will transform your limiting beliefs, write stories that are more empowering and aligned with your goals. We will make you believe that all of it is possible.

You will end up with new stories, new beliefs, a whole set of kickass narratives to end up with a kickass reality.



Manifesting your dreams isn't wishful thinking (I wish!). It's time to take some inspired action and set yourself in motion.

This is the remaining 20% of strategy where business coaching comes into play. We create a strong personal brand, a content strategy plan, we work on making sales an effortless for you... We build the foundations for your service-based business and your world-changing work.

You'll know which actions are the smartest and best to take and start becoming the person you've always known you were meant to be.



We've been doing business and life all wrong. No more unhealthy hustle mentality! Here we'll learn how to develop an unwavering trust in life, how to build resilience for the unavoidable setbacks that entrepreneurship and life bring and how to tap into the divine feminine and use this energy to manifest with ease.

You'll gain a strong mindset to be ready for the new business and life that you love.

Client love

"I gained confidence in my projects and in myself. The program allowed me to uncover some deep-rooted blocks so I could then free myself from them and move forward. It got me closer to my life long dream of being an entrepreneur. I am now confident and ready to start my projects."

"Before starting the program, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but it was messy and confused. Now I can clearly see where I want to go and writing about this right now makes me realise how cool this work is and how it helped me!"

Maeva Barthelemy
Holistic Beauty Consultant

Margot Eyraud
Environmentalist and Educator

"Salomé has really helped me immensely. There wasn't a single session where I thought "I knew that stuff". Every single time, she's taught me something about myself. The biggest shift for me has been working with my inner critic and not suffering from it anymore."

Géraldine Blanche
Fashion Law Expert and Professor